Food & Beverage

Food plays a vital role in our lives. Because fresh and tasty food can help motivate people and improve their performance whatever the context, be it the workplace, school or a hospital.

That’s why our specialists strive to create nutritious and delicious menus that everyone enjoys. We believe there are few better ways to build healthy organisations.

Naturally, there’s more to delivering excellent food than sourcing, preparing and cooking the right ingredients. Whether you choose one or all of our contract catering, vending, or our efficient service can save you time and money.

Providing Perfect Service

We’ll sit down with you and discuss your requirements. From there, our team will design and deliver services that match your culture, delight your staff, and adapt easily to your changing needs. Only competent, trustworthy and trained people have what it takes to provide a faultless service. That’s why we invest in training, overseeing and motivating our employees. Our teams regularly attend training programmes and seminars that offer the latest knowledge and insights on diets, food production and hygiene.


Our ambition goes beyond simply delivering the specified service targets.

We will work with you to understand your production flows and strategic and site level business plans and to identify areas in which we can support your brand growth in existing and new markets.

We will drive the rationalisation of support services, eliminating complexity and cost layers, to focus on performance, compliance and value.

Key benefits include the following:

  • Brand protection and enhancement
  • Production levels and critical asset up-time maintained and improved
  • Facilities costs savings delivered to support customer price competitiveness in markets
  • Hygiene compliance as a ‘no failure’ requirement. All regulated areas and interfaces are kept at specified standards
  • Taking responsibility for all facilities services and managing the performance of any specialist subcontractors
  • Competent and effective facilities support to production flows
  • Continual improvement through innovations that deliver better quality and lower costs\


In the dialogue and procurement phases, we engage with customers and listen closely to their brand values, needs, objectives and issues.

We use these as the drivers to develop the solution, collaborating with customers during the design and implementation process. Throughout the relationship, we remain flexible, using customer feedback to adjust the service. We aim to ensure that the solution is optimized in its effectiveness for your business and agile in the way it is developed and improved.


Close working with site production teams to understand and define the compliance requirements. Quality management systems, supervision and audit regimes to maintain and record standards. A fully controlled service for cleaning, bacteriological testing and record keeping at a constant ‘audit-ready’ level.