People Management

Service excellence can never be greater than the people providing it. How service professionals feel, act and behave is therefore critical in the Facility and Service Management and for the success of an outsourcing relationship.

Unsurprisingly, various studies have concluded that employee engagement is a strong predictor of outcomes such as productivity, efficiency, customer focus, service quality and profitability. In other words, engagement affects service behavior and service behavior is a prerequisite for excellent customer experiences.

One of the ways to enhance employee engagement is to continuously understand and reinforce the shared and individual purpose of work. Working with purpose allows us to be driven by something greater than just the daily tasks and profits. It is driven by great ambitions, visions and to be something or someone for others.

When a customer decides to outsource services, it is therefore important that all employees who are involved in the service delivery system can understand and articulate how they – both collectively and individually – can assist in bringing the customer purpose to life. This can be achieved through dedicated service employee training.

It is the responsibility of both the customer organizations and the facility provider that the outsourced service employees know how to best represent the customer brand, business values and understands the customer needs, demands and their way of doing things.

Training is however only one part of the equation. Working with self-delivery is the other.

A self-delivery model means that all staff are employed and managed by the service provider and thereby represent our values, virtues and codes of conduct.
At innovative, we believe that only by utilizing a self-delivery model a service provider can make sure to have the right dedicated in the right places. Employees that are engaged with their work, trained to serve the clients’ needs and reinforce the customer purpose.