Support Services


Our service team is in daily contact with both guests, customers and employees.

This means that our employees help to shape the daily experience of your brand and company. To ensure that our employees fit into your culture, we train our employees to match your exact needs and wishes.

Supporting your business at every level

We understand that our customers’ businesses and their brands are unique, and that each customer needs a support organisation that tailors a service to suit their specific situation. We offer a service that not only addresses individual brand and values, but also helps to support overall business goals.

Skilled support staff

To meet and exceed customer expectations, we continuously train and educate staff to perform better and to ensure a high level of professionalism, efficiency and reliability.

Choosing Innovative Consultancies means that you have constant access to an updated and motivated team to run support activities as we make training and education an integrated part of any customer business.

Making your life easier

One could say that the main purpose of our services is to make your life a little easier, allowing you to focus on the more important aspects of your core business.
When you go for an integrated solution, you also know that you will leverage the synergies of having one supplier, who knows your business.


We have Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in place to evaluate the effectiveness and quality of our services, and ensure you are getting the most out of our relationship.

These include assessing employee turnover rates, employee engagement, gauging customer experience/ satisfaction, and service efficiency.

Additionally, here are some examples of key performance indicators for you to discuss with your service provider to ensure the performance of your current Support Services setup:

  • Employee turnover
  • Image and Grooming
  • Relief Cover
  • Training
  • Average call / Waiting time
  • Delivery time of internal and external mail

We develop additional KPIs based on specific customer characteristics and industry requirements.
To learn more about what we can do for you, please contact our international account team.