“Innovative Consultancies is our first preference when it comes to integrated facility management.  The reason for this is they always respond quickly, they are flexible and always manage to deliver, even when we are really up against it with a last minute requirement”.

A fast food franchisee, August 2016

“You have a great team.  The kind of response time and phone manner I get from your guys is no comparison to the competitor.  Sometimes you arent the cheapest but we can rely on you, and in our business thats more important in the long run.” “Thank you for your hard work, efficient make up and quick delivery times. It has not gone unnoticed.”

New start up in retail, 12 October 2016

Provided us with a fully integrated support solution which took away many of the problems we had experienced when help was required. Their work is always carried out efficiently and promptly and I would have no problem recommending them to other potential clients.

Multi unit owner of a fast food chain, February 2017

I have dealt with a few management companies in my time and many people representing these management companies but I have never dealt with anyone as efficient, competent, reliable and caring. They look after clients business as if it’s their own and always meet deadlines and targets.

Nationwide Coffee chain Operational Manager,  December 2016